The patriot in us awakens only on 15th of August ,26th of January or in Ind-Pak matches ..


So on 15 August 1947 we attained freedom and the journey of India kick-started . First of all happy 70th independence day to all. .70 yrs !! we have came a long way , haven’t we ? .  Days like 15 August or 26 January works like reminders to be proud of our undying glory and martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us . Perhaps any of the ‘wanna be blogger’ like me can write stuff like “to die for one’s nation is a privilege achieved by the brave only ” . But only very few like our brave soldiers and freedom fighters  have the courageous heart to do that. We owe our lives ,our freedom, our glory, our incredible India to fighters like Bhagat singh ,Bal gangadhar tilak ,Chandra shekhar azad ,Lala lajpat rai and many more .

Now everybody remembers fundamental rights but do we know enough about fundamental duties ? We as a citizen were given freedom and protection by our freedom fighters and soldiers . Our incredible India solely has given us a lot to count , what we have given to it is the question which lingers . Despite litter in the streets and opinions like ‘India is intolerant ‘ our return share is very low . India never was intolerant , may be now people here are becoming intolerant .

This independence day let’s move towards attaining freedom from the following things ———-
1Freedom from rapes ,molestation, abuses and all crime 

  From 1947 to till now ten fold increase in rape cases has been noted down . Molestation ,abuses ,robbery and all such things against humanity needs to stop . Our society needs freedom from all these things. So be a little more human and raise voice against these . 

2- Freedom from reservations 

This one is much needed in India . You get jobs not by you hard work but by your castes and religion.  Deserving people keeps waiting and reserved people get the job without an effort . We are all equal why are we giving quota to others , are we proving them inferior? Instead of providing reservations why not provide them books , coaching and better living conditions . Recently jaat reservation agitation happened . They were putting everything on fire ,killing and raping woman . It is a shame for humanity!  How much low people will fall to prove that they need reservation . Work hard don’t seek reservation for everything . Remember talent has  no quotas . 

3-Freedom from giving your opinion on every damn thing on Internet !

 It’s not necessary to give opinion about anything and over reacting to it . Because every action has social media overreactions.  You speak something true about salman khan and his nagging bhai fans will kill you . Olympics ,no medals, let’s tweet ” indians go there and click selfies” .No you don’t know the hardwork so don’t comment .Being opiniated is good but like posting every hour about your where abouts about what you feel about every situation. Bashing people on social media is not acceptable. Take a hault ! everything doesn’t need to be tweeted . 

4-Freedom for choice

  What we wear ? What we prefer over marriage and career? What we want to become in life ? These are decisions which need to be taken solely by us .our in laws won’t decide that whether I would do job after marriage or not. our parents won’t decide that we just only need to become a doctor or engineer .society won’t decide what should we wear ? what should we  speak ?  what time we should come home? Freedom of choice is indeed needed . ———————–

do check the second picture microtale by me 💘and tell what more things you need freedom from .till then jai hind 😘